MegaSet RepRap Gadgets3D


- 1x complete soldered RAMPS 1.4 (More informations about RAMPS 1.4)

- 5x A4988 complete soldered G3D driver with additional CLK trimpot (this is much better than StepStick or Pololu due of selectable off-time) (More informations about GD3 driver)

- 1x Arduino Mega 2560 (More informations about Mega 2560)

- 1x Complete soldered Sdramps extension (More informations about SDRamps)

- 1x Cooler Fan

- 14 cables (complete wiring cables set):

6x 3 PIN cables for endstops

3x 2 PIN cables for thermistors

5x 4 PIN cables for motors

- 1x Japanese ceramic screwdriver

- 2x EPCOS 100k thermistor

1x LCD and SD card LCD/SD panel with RAMPS GADGETS3D Shield:

- 1x soldered and assembled panel with 4 rows LCD, SD card connector, ALPS rotary encoder. (More informations about LCD panel)

- 1x soldered RAMPS GADGETS3D shield for easy connect panel into RAMPS 1.4. (More informations about G3D Shield)

- 1x Kingston 4GB SD card

- 1x Plastic knob

- 2x 10pin flat cable of 35cm length

- Printable enclosure for our LCD panel you can find here:

1x RepRap Heatbed MK2a PCB:

- 1x MK2a Heatbed PCB with LED's and resistor soldered (More informations about MK2a)

- 1x NTC EPCOS type 100K thermistor

- 1x Red and Black wires cable which can easily handle over 10A and save your time (special wires for handling high power)

1x Mechanical Endstops set

- 3x Mechanical Endstop v1.2

- 3x Mechanical Endstop (RepRap/Prusa/Huexley style) (More informations about Mechanical Endstops)

1x G3D Buda-style pre-assembled Hotend

- Pre-assembled G3D Buda-style HotEnd (More informations about G3D Buda-style Hotend)

- 1x 0.4mm nozzle

- 1x 0.5mm nozzle

3x Aluminium GT2 Pulley:

- 20 teeth

- max. belt width 6mm

- bore hole 5mm/0,197 inch

- flange 2x M3 screw included

- black aluminium

1x GT2 Belt Lenght: 900mm, Width: 6mm

1x GT2 Belt Lenght: 1164mm, Width: 6mm

Puedes ver las fotos del contenido según el vendedor en este enlace

Me choca que traiga 3 poleas, 4 termistores y 2 medios para leer memoria externa: uno para SD integrado en el LCD y otro para microSD independiente.